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I love writing books and I love writing about things that relate directly to a person's identity, their spiritual growth, and humanity's journey in this thing we call "reality." I'm not so interested in the philosophy of it all, but the doing, the actions that allow us to be cause and not just the effect of life.


Life is all in the doing, not waiting for it to come to us. It is also about listening to our inner messages and striving to consistently add greater value in all that we do.

So, I've been busy since 2001 and have written two non-fiction books, one young person's novel, and I've collaborated on two books whilst ghost writing, editing, and providing book coaching services for clients. They are:


To be Published:

Fiction (to be published):


In addition to books, I've been asked to write articles, the majority of which have been about some aspect of spirituality. If you're interested in reading any of them, click on individual titles below.

I've had several articles published by The Good Men Project. Click on individual titles below.


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