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It's Not About the Money

An Investment Advisor's Evolutionary Journey

Finance is in the midst of a major shift. A new paradigm based on intuition, new brain research, and creating win-win scenarios is overtaking the former financial landscape. Long time advisor, Jill Drinkwater, relates how the change is experienced through investing.

The authors both practice a philosophy encouraging people to approach every aspect of their life integrated with their intuition. They seek clarity in all areas of life so that they’re no longer run by old programs, habits, fear, etc. What that has led to is an old paradigm focused strictly on “What’s in it for me?”, dog eat dog, and no-holds-barred competition.

That paradigm is in its death throes. It is exclusive, divisive, separatist, self-serving, and highly destructive to individuals, businesses, and countries. The only way we’ll experience greater success in all our endeavors is by relinquishing our hold on the old and replacing it with a more wholistic, intuitive-based, creative, and fluid paradigm.

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“Having known Ms. Drinkwater since 1977,

I have witnessed first hand her unique insight into the minds of investors as she guides them through market disarray to achieve their financial goals. Right or left brain—she uses it all to get inside your head and help you understand how to become a better investor and a better person along the way to financial success. This is a must read for those who have had financial and investment challenges.”

— John A. Vann
President & Chief Investment Officer
Rushmore Investment Advisors


“If you, like many of the rest of us, have found that money is more often a source of pain than joy, read this book. The first step to making positive change is seeing the problem in a new way. It’s Not About the Money will help you take that first step and keep you moving.”

— W. Douglas Frost, Ph.D.

Consulting Psychologist and Executive Coach
The Xaos Group LLC


“Jill Drinkwater’s and David Christel’s book beautifully illuminates the New Paradigm, with cutting edge clarity, as it relates to personal development and investing in a new economy. At the same time, they have written a book that strongly relates to major tenets of ancient and on-going Native American ways of knowing, including the importance of balance and relationship, the interconnection of all things, seeing the whole (holistic) picture, and spirituality. It’s Not About the Money puts financial investments in a whole new light,

one that is vital for balancing

our troubled economy.”

— Nancy C. Maryboy, Ph.D.
President and Executive Director
Indigenous Education Institute

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