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Book  Coaching

“It always amazes me that spectators want to coach,

coaches want to officiate,

and officials just want to watch the game.”

― Lou Holtz

I don't coach sports — I coach people in writing their books. Most people who attempt writing a book are overwhelmed by the process of it, though the idea of a book sounds terrific. It is terrific, it just takes an organized process to get from an epiphanic inspiration to a published book.

Essentially, writing a book is about arranging a flow of information that's engaging, informative, insightful, and fulfilling for readers. There are a number of ways for organizing one's content and it's marrying one of those ways with what works for a client and their subject matter. Each of us is unique, so I tailor my coaching accordingly.

Add to that all the aspects of a book that must be addressed: voice, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, tempo, writing & story conventions, organization, narrative versus instructional, tenses, time frame, theme and sub-themes, quotes & graphics use, side bars, permissions, testimonials, book foreword, front and back matter, footnoting, resource list, bibliography, and book cover & interior design.


Aside from the pure writing of a book, there are also the components that involve publishing: bar code, ISBN number, copyright, Library of Congress Control Number, and agents and publishers. It's a lot.

My job is to help writers stay focused, on track, engaged, consistent, moving forward, and avoid overwhelm. I'll provide feedback and ask a million questions to ensure they keep their eye on the target.


I'll introduce new angles for them to consider. I'll aid them  in expanding their concepts and to delve more deeply into their subject matter so that readers get the most out of their book. The bottom line: get to the essence of their content and message(s) and make readers want more.


  • Professional coach with 26 years of experience

  • Extensive knowledge in a wide range of subjects

  • An insightful perspective on your writing project, goals, and outcomes

  • You save time and energy by working smarter

  • We get your message out into the world

What You’ll Get

  • Review and critique of your writing materials, i.e., book manuscript, book proposal, short story, or screenplay (none of these need to be complete or even started)

  • Determine the purpose for your writing project

  • Establish short-term and long-term outcomes for you

  • Create list of writing goals geared to your needs

  • Identify and explore your writing and personal blocks

  • Establish tools for breaking down your blocks

  • Build strong writing and personal habits for you

To avoid the above scenario, let's work together to create a work that people will be clamoring for, that gets on the N.Y. Times Bestseller list, and that has people asking for more gems of yours. I have two options for book coaching.

“I love being a writer.

What I can't stand is the paperwork.”

― Peter De Vries

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