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Ghost Writing

Ghost   Writing

Ghost writing is exactly what it states: someone wants a book written and opts to have someone like me write it for them. My name appears nowhere, though I am usually mentioned in the Acknowledgments at the front of the book (without stating I wrote the book).


The reading public thinks my client wrote their own book, none the wiser to the backstory. Very busy people have used ghost writers for years and for a number of projects, not just books.

There are several reasons a client would choose to have me write their book:

  • They are not a writer.

  • They write, but prefer a professional do the writing for them.

  • They don't have the stamina or patience it takes (this is a highly iterative process).

  • They aren't process oriented (innumerable details must be managed and tracked).

  • They don't have the time or energy.

For me, writing a book has become second nature. I see in my mind's eye the organization of the client's subject matter and once we've created an initial outline, we get to the work of actually writing the book. This usually entails my interviewing the client and taking copious notes, doing plenty of research, and...well...writing.

If you have a book project you'd like to discuss in terms of my ghost writing for you, please contact me via the "Contact Me" page.

Upon determining that we'll proceed forward with my ghosting your book, I'll provide you with a contract to sign that outlines a payment schedule and various legalities ensuring your ownership of all materials created in conjunction with your book, copyright, etc. To review my contract, click here.

My number one criterion:

I only work on projects that will uplift humanity.

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