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Essential Being Productions

“All the world's a stage

And all the men and women merely players.”

― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

If we are to "act well your part; there all the honour lies" as Alexander Pope has enjoined, then the challenge is in understanding just who we are in order to fully and truly be our authentic selves. What it comes down to is each of us answering the questions: "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"

Most of us haven't a real clue, though we can point to characteristics, traits, behaviors, past actions, beliefs, values, feelings, likes/dislikes, skills, interests, associations, work, gender, body type, etc. But is that truly who we are?

The monologue production I've developed is a venue in search of answers to the million dollar questions of who we are, our individual purpose in life, and the connections we make that sustain us. No easy task, but certainly a life-long endeavor toward gaining insight and understanding and then the freedom to be who we feel we're meant to be in a very complicated, distracting, confounding, demanding, and stressful world.

This production is designed to help the individuals composing monologues to discover their voice, to uncover greater meaning in their lives, and to perhaps find truth for themselves.


For the listening public, it's meant to provide a portal to a more expansive and richer understanding of humanity in all its expressions, as well as to deepen connection and commonality with our fellow travelers in life. An evening's program can be staged for specific groups such as:

  • Adults (men, women, & coed)

  • High school (boys, girls, & coed)

  • Young adults (college age  age 30; young men, young women, & coed)

  • LBGT community (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, & combined)

  • Community groups and organizations

​The first Essential Being Production to hit the boards was The Testosterone Testimonials: The Measure of a Man. Produced in 2008 in Santa Fe, NM at the James A. Little Theater, it has become the prototype of all Essential Being Productions. To learn more about The Testosterone Testimonials, click here.

"The word theatre comes from the Greeks.

It means the seeing place. It is the place people come

to see the truth about life and the social situation.

The theatre is a spiritual and social X-ray of its time."​

― Stella Adler

These productions are based on a turnkey scenario. I've developed a generic Production Guidebook that outlines everything you need to address when putting on your production. It is, of course, something you'll embellish with your own style and creative input as you delve into production.


Hopefully, you'll want to produce at least one of these productions every year or stage the same one annually, but with a different cast. The guidebook, then, will become your source book for everything you require that fits your community and its needs.

Production Guidebook (TOC)

  • Assembling a Production Committee

  • Spreading the Workload: Bringing on Volunteers

  • Securing a Venue

  • Funding Your Production

  • Marketing

  • Legalities

  • Assembling Your Cast

  • Incorporating Additional Production Values

  • Videotaping the Performance

  • Creating the Playbill (program)

  • Your Web Site Presence

  • Post-performance Celebration Party

  • Post-performance Wrap Up

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