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“You cannot get through a single day

without having an impact on the world around you.

What you do makes a difference,

and you have to decide what kind of difference

you want to make.”

~ Jane Goodall




“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

I can never be what I ought to be

until you are what you ought to be.

This is the interrelated structure of reality.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Convergence of Being

Discovering the Interconnection of You, Me, and We

I have always been struck by the multitude of intersecting stories, situations, and lives that occur day in and day out, year after year, millennia after millennia. In those intersections, we meet, interact with, and move on to other interconnections. For the most part, we think little of our meetings and many we take for granted. The small and subtle tends to escape our notice and the big, phenomenal meetups catch our attention, but even then, it isn’t long before we’re focusing elsewhere. The question is “why do these intersections happen and should we be paying more attention to them?”


I believe everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. Therefore, every interaction we have with another person, a group, an animal, an insect, or even some aspect of Nature is a living, vibrant filament of consciousness deftly interwoven with a multitude of others. Step back far enough and you can see that these filaments have created an extraordinary life tapestry, one filled with a veritable rainbow of colors, shadings, and textures. If we look carefully, we can begin to see how the people and events in our lives ― convergences ― have helped shape our journeys, have dove-tailed with our fears, ideas, feelings, aspirations, beliefs, understandings, and dreams.


What might at first appear hodge-podge, surreal, or one-dimensional and boring actually has many hues of vitality to it that, when considered thoughtfully, allow us to see that our lives have been a sweeping journey, a passage to self. Absolutely everything that has transpired in our lives has helped shape us into the person we are today. In tandem with that, every convergence has affected us in some way, whether positively or not. The key is to see everything through the lens of opportunity and insight.


If we take the time, we’ll discover that our lives are filled to the brim with experiences covering quite a spectrum. Along the way, we’ve met innumerable people who have affected us in some manner. The question is: why did we meet them? The answers are myriad. What’s interesting is that we met every one of those people at exactly the time we needed to. Reviewing what transpired and the meaning we attached to each meeting is where we have the chance to see more deeply into our lives and discover just how extraordinarily crafted our stories are. Most of what’s transpired has been devised without us even being aware of what’s afoot. The important thing is that none of our meetings ― convergences ― happened by accident. Therein lies the rub or the treasure.


No matter what your life experiences have been and the characters who have peopled them, they are all part of your “story.” Each has played their role in your life just as in a movie. You, in turn, have done the same for them. Together, you’ve created full lives. But do you know the “why” of it all?


Perhaps this book will inspire you to sit down, take stock of your life, and awaken to the interconnection of you, me, and we. From there, you can begin the process of understanding your life trajectory. You may come up with questions and more questions, each providing an opportunity to delve more deeply into the mysteries of your life journey.


In the course of your awakening, you may find yourself reminiscing, taking long walks down memory lane. No matter what memories you’re reflecting upon, remember that they are in the past. They may be an integral component of your life story or simply an anecdote. Whichever they may be, they create the textures and colors of who you are today. Observe them and learn from them, but don’t get mired in them. Each is a stepping stone toward a greater understanding of who you are and what your life is about. In the process, let gratitude and compassion guide you, soften your heart, and expand your horizons.


May the blessings be…

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