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Married Men Coming Out

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Foreword by

Former Rep. Mike Fleck

Pennsylvania General Assembly


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“Every married man’s experience of coming out is different. It can be frightening or heartwarming, confusing or enlightening, repressive or liberating. In fact, it can be all of these at the same time. In Married Men Coming Out, David Christel has distilled the wide range of emotions and experiences one might expect when coming out. In its pages will be found nuggets of information and suggestions about how a married man going through the coming out experience can deal with these issues. As one who was formerly married myself, I know that I would be turning to its pages time and again for guidance.”

~ Jim Kolbe

Former Member of Congress




“For years, I’ve written books and articles about the other side of this closet, the plight of the straight wives. David Christel’s excellent book balances that equation, sensitively presenting complex issues, motivations, fears, and successes of gay married men coming out — while causing the least amount of pain possible for everyone involved. It’s a superb handbook for closeted gay men seeking authenticity.”

~ Carol Grever

Author, My Husband is Gay and

When Your Spouse Comes Out

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