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Married  Men Coming Out

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Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Brothaspeak Podcast: October 15, 2017

("Married Men Coming Out")


Divergent Thought Podcast: October 25, 2017 Episode #62 (actual "Married Men Coming Out!" interview begins almost 10 minutes into the recording)

In the News

This Way Out Radio: "Correct Ally-nment & Het Marriage Exits": (March 21, 2018) Review begins at 15:21).

Correct Ally-nment & Het Marriage Exits - Married Men Coming Out

Career & Lifestyle Magazine for Women of Color: Husband to Wife: "I'm Gay." (December 2017 Special Issue) Scroll down to page 28.

To subscribe to C&L Magazine, visit:

The Gay UK: "What It's Like to Come Out as Gay When You're Married to a Woman"

(October 18, 2017)

OutBuzz: "Have Married Men Been Coming Out to Their Wives as Gay?" (October 19, 2017)

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